Chapel Prayer Shawl Ministry
Some may be asking, "What is the Prayer Shawl Ministry?"
Prayer is our way to communicate with God. Jesus set the example
for us to pray for one another. Imagine, now, a hand made creation
crafted with prayers and woven with love to bring comfort and 
blessing to you. So, the Prayer Shawl makers are following Jesus'
example, for as we craft we pray for the person who will receive 
the shawl, even though the recipient of the shawl may or may not 
know the crafter. And upon completion, the shawls are blessed.
The crafters also give thanks to God that they are blessed with the
ability to make a gift that will give comfort, prayers, and blessings
to the recipient.
To request a Prayer Shawl for someone, please call Pat Makowski
(683-7895) or Ceil Wilk (894-5315). Also, if you would like to join
our Ministry you can also call Pat or Ceil, or come to one of our meetings which are announced in the bulletin. The usual meeting date and time is the third Sunday of each month in the Parish Hall at 12:15 p.m. 

A 'Note' from the choir loft
"God respects me when I work, but loves me when I sing"
(Rabindranath Tagore)
Make your vocal prayer musical prayer.
Come join us! We need your voice!
Rehearsals are Wednesday at 7:00 PM in the Main Church


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